Gain Social Media Presence

Social Media Management offering you growth across several social platforms for as low as $99 per month.

Commit to Growing Your Business

Stay consistent with your presence on social media and drive your sales. There are no long term contracts. Start by making a 30 day commitment so you can see actual growth results! I do ask for a 30 day notice if you find this subscription is just not for you.

Tell Me A Bit About Your Company

Are you offering something new and unique? Have you been around for a while or are you a new start-up? I thoroughly research your industry and make sure your posts are relevent to current and potential customers.

Enjoy the Rewards

Grow your customer base and your sales without the headache or dread of 'what to post today'. While I can answer simple customer questions like hours, days of sales, etc., sometimes you will need to provide the answer to their questions. I will give you a nudge if I don't see a reply from you after a few hours wink



  • Dedicated Social Media Manager
  • Channels: Facebook and Google
  • 2 posts per week on each channel
  • Uniquely created branded content
  • Input on post content is welcomed
  • Posts are not reviewed by you in advance



  • Everything included in Level 1
  • Added Instagram Channel
  • 3 posts per week on all 3 channels
  • Ability to review content calendar
    posts for following week



  • Everything included in Level 1 & 2
  • A monthly presence ad on
    Facebook & Instagram
  • Ads will drive customers to either
    your website or Facebook page

Social Media Subscription

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A separate email with an e-invoice will arrive shortly after your submission at the address you provided. Your Social Media Marketing Subscription will auto renew on the same day each month.

Each invoice is payable on receipt and covers the upcoming month. You can cancel your subscription at any time with a 1 month (30 day) notice.

Congratulations on deciding to take the next step in growing your business!

Sue Sullivan